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Airbalet Pneumatic Speargun

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Цена: Цена: Цена вне ЕС: 273,32 € Цена для ЕС 330,72 €
  • Airbalet Pneumatic Speargun Omer
  • Airbalet Pneumatic Speargun Omer
  • Airbalet Pneumatic Speargun Omer
  • Airbalet Pneumatic Speargun Omer

Airbalet Pneumatic Speargun

A revolutionary pneumatic speargun that combines the best traits of power in air guns to the maneuverability and aim advantages of band guns.

The barrel of the gun is produced using Hydroforming technology which allowed us to manipulate the shape to achieve the best maneuverability for an air gun. The internal piston barrel diameter is 11mm which consents easier loading at higher pressure compared to most standard 13mm air guns. In addition thinner faster shaft diameters between 6-7mm are employed.

An innovative handle design resembles those of modern band guns. As with band guns, the handle alignment positions the hand directly in line with the spear shaft contained in the inner chamber, opposed to below the barrel as with all the current pneumatic speargun models. This realization allows a more natural aim and better absorption of recoil similar to the characteristics of modern band guns. The handle can be easily removed thanks to a generous sized stainless steel locking pin that fixes it to the rest of the gun. Once removed there is access to the dump valve of the gun which is otherwise sealed dry during regular use. In addition, the handle grip itself can be substituted for an ergonomic grip available in RIGHT or LEFTIE versions.

The trigger mechanism is designed to offer a sensitive trigger independent of the amount of air pressure preloaded in the barrel. It therefore remains neutral and unaffected offering unaltered trigger sensitivity regardless of the power. This was the result of a push rod lever design that exponentially reduces the load between the trigger and the trigger mechanism. The tooth used to engage the shaft, known as the trigger sear, is produced with a special stainless steel that has a very high resistance to wear and tear and is treated with a special coating that reduces friction. Another innovation in the field of air-guns is the side pivoting line release that keeps the shooting line tucked to the side of the gun.

The new muzzle integrates a power reducer which can be easily employed while fishing. The side water ports in the front of the gun (larger than standard ports to increase the water escape from the piston chamber) can be shut by simply turning the muzzle cover. By doing this the speed of the shaft is reduced by 15%.

The piston is furnished with two O-rings produced with a unique material that reduces friction against the piston chamber during the stroke. Just thanks to the employment of these O-rings a 15% increase in shaft velocity is achieved as well as easier loading effort.

SLIDE RING(Microspeed):
The slide-ring is a fundamental particular in the hydrodynamics of the shot along with the penetration properties of the spear-shaft. The new Microspeed metal slide ring is fruit of long studies geared toward reducing hydrodynamic friction as well as maintaining the highest shot precision. Created with a method known as Microfusion or “lost wax technique” in 304 stainless its reduced dimension and two wings are used for slotting the shooting line at a 30 degree entry. This innovative solution avoids the concern of having to keep the correct shooting line angle while fighting a fish because it places the entire load on the slide ring itself rather than the holes of the slide ring. This prevents any stress to the shooting line. Also thanks to the shape of the slide ring, the stop washer as well as the spring typically employed in pneumatic speargun shafts, have been replaced reducing the profile consderably.


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В основном ружье предназначено для морской охоты, но можно так же использовать в соревнованиях по стрельбе в бассейне. Это не ружье для начинающих - это ружье для профессионалов. Охотился с ним в Таиланде - точность стрельбы потрясающая! (добавлено на 20.02.2014)

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