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  • Joker 410: four in one C4
  • Joker 410: four in one C4
  • Joker 410: four in one C4
  • Joker 410: four in one C4

Joker 410: four in one

JOKER 410 is a modular speargun; this is its excellence characteristic. A special design where the monocoque structure's technique in 100% carbon fibre adapts itself to realise more measures through the adjustment of a movable part.

Extremely versatile, JOKER 410 can be set up either with single or double circular bands. Its calibrated mass, the adjustable setting and the shaft slide allows a set up with various shaft types and lengths.

JOKER 410 is adjustable in four different lengths (95cm - 100cm - 105cm - 110cm).
The change of measure (to be made dry) it's easy to do just by removing the two screws under the speargun. The required set up is reached by adding and/or removing the moulded floats inside the speargun used to balance it.
The floats should fill the empty space inside the speargun to adjust its setting. For any 5 cm in addiction to the measure should correspond the insertion of 5 cm of float inside according to this simple schema:

95 cm = no floats = shaft 6,5 x 1300
100 cm = 5 cm floats = shaft 6,5 x 1350/1400
105 cm = 10 cm floats = shaft 6,5 x 1400
110 cm = 15 cm floats = shaft 6,5 x 1500

It is possible to equip the speargun with a single circular bands and/or shorter shafts with different or same diameter. In these cases the change of the weight of the gun will demand a new balancing. And also it would be necessary to insert, between internal floats, a little weight, or to reduce the amount of floats.
In order to make different set up and/or adjustments, the speargun is equipped with a series of 4 10 cm and 5 cm floats.

How to modify the gun’s length

1) completely unscrew the 2 screws on the lower surface of the gun with the provided 5 mm Allen wrench;
2) Remove the inner front barrel;
3) Add and /or remove inside moulded floats, according to the measure you wish to adjust ;
4) Insert the front barrel segment and check that its screw holes are aligned with those on the rear barrel segment;
5) Then reinsert the original screws without exerting too much pressure while tightening them. Use just a little bit of fat on threads.

How to change the bands

6) using the provided 3 mm Allen wrench completely unscrew the screws on the rear part of the titanium muzzle;
7) Unscrew lightly the front screws, rotate the titanium blades and take off the bands;
8) Replace the circular bands with the ones of the size you wish to use;
9) After having realigned the titanium blades with the holes on the muzzle, insert and tighten the rear screws and the front screws;
10) Replace the shaft with the one whose length and diameter is compatible with the new length of the speargun.

Technically JOKER 410 is a real monocoque 100% T700 Megaforce carbon fibre, moulded by C4' N.J.C. ( No Joint Construction ) system, composed by two movable parts, with mechanics AISI 316 and titanium hair trigger. The carbon fibre structure has got a high solidity, doesn’t require maintenance, is long-life and does not change dimensionally.

The shaft guide, needed for the use of barbed shafts, is limited to the bands' stroke. There is only what is necessary; the rest would provoke only useless frictions slowing down the shaft.

The bands parallel to the shaft do not compress it on the shaft slide, this reduce frictions and avoid the waste of energy with full advantage of shaft's hight speed.

For a better control JOKER 410 is equipped with C4 anatomical adjustable handle, available in two sizes either for right or left-spearos and with the exclusive and efficacious easy loading system through a removable screw. No more problems in loading long spearguns with the easy loading system by C4.
Thanks to the small and big handles the thickness' change for summer and/or winter gloves will no more create problems of adaptability. The adaptability is at highest level.

JOKER 410 can be easily disassembled in two parts, reducing bulk and with it the main reason of damage for instance in air transports.


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Отлично Review by Иван
У меня сложилось впечатление, что это не арбалет, а снайперская винтовка - уж очень точные выстрелы на дальние расстояния получаются. Про качество изготовления думаю говорить не стоит - и так всем понятно что оно на высшем уровне. (добавлено на 26.02.2014)

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