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Цена: Цена вне ЕС: 432,08 € Цена для ЕС 522,82 €
  • C4 Mr. Iron 94 cm C4
  • C4 Mr. Iron 94 cm C4
  • C4 Mr. Iron 94 cm C4
  • C4 Mr. Iron 94 cm C4

C4 Mr. Iron 94 cm

Mr.Iron is pragmatic, you look at it and you are convinced. Substance, essentiality of technique in an avant-garde technology. A design easy to be understood made by shapes telling you immediately their elected destination. “It will be fitted everywhere”... this is what you think the first time you see it and the usage just confirm it.
It has got nothing necessarily special, but in it nothing is normality. From the manufactoring in carbon fibre N.J.C (No Joint Construction) monocoque 100% in carbon fibre Megaforce T700, to the use of milled titanium CNC for mechanics, to the adjustable handle, to the use of mono-bands, to the easy loading system.
Control the movement underwater is the key point for spearfishing, that due to apnea has therefore a limited time.

To reach action's goal , it is necessary to be able to line up at correct distance the shaft with the target. If the speargun is not quickly lined up, his ballistic abilities will be useless.
The main feature of a good speargun is therefore versatility, intended as the capacity to adapt itself easily and quickly to rapid change of spearfishing situations.

Thanks to shapes that favouring the handling and to rearward barycentre, Mr.Iron allows a very good management of lining up to the target. Its adjustable handle, available in two sizes, allows the best fitting to dimensions of one’s hand.

The adjustable handle of Mr.Iron, in a well visible orange colour. It is intentionally made vertical and symmetrical because this configuration let you feel how the gun is lined up without needing to look where it is directed.
As optional accessory it is possible to use the orange anatomical right and left handles.

The muzzle is an indispensable element for the accuracy of a low frictions speargun such as Mr.Iron. It places exactly the bands traction respected to the shaft, allowing accuracy and at least as possible frictions with full advantage of shaft speed.

The muzzle of Mr.Iron is very small but extremely strong. It is made up of AISI 316 worked by millers CNC, of only 6 mm thickness and of very few grams weight.
The anatomical trigger sets in action a rearward release mechanism in AISI 316 that in the time has become a reference for safety and sensibility.
All the mechanic parts of Mr.Iron are burnished for the best camouflage.

Mr.Iron is serially equipped with MPL55 reel, characterized by a light and strong reinforced nylon reel with the capacity of more than 50 mt of line. The reel is characterized by a clutch double system, the first acting on the reel through a regulation knob easy to catch and the second one acting through a spring moulded directly on the line winded in the reel.
This last clutch allows the best adherence of line during the rewinding and avoids knots if it is quickly unrolled.

Mr.Iron carbon fibre structure does not require maintenance, is stable in the time and does not change in dimensions.


Доставка Без Риска
Мы покрываем 100% стоимость, если товар будет утрачен или повреждён во время транспортировки. Вам не нужно беспокоиться "что, если". Мы предоставляем только лучший сервис для наших клиентов. Все хрупкое упаковывается и отправляется в противоударной коробке, что исключает любое повреждение.

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Хорошо Review by Иван
Идеален для охоты в океане. У меня сложилось впечатление, что это не арбалет, а снайперская винтовка - уж очень точные выстрелы на дальние расстояния получаются. Про качество изготовления думаю говорить не стоит - и так всем понятно что оно на высшем уровне. (добавлено на 26.02.2014)

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