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Цена: Цена вне ЕС: 193,06 € Цена для ЕС 233,60 €
  • Cressi Aquapro 5R

Cressi Aquapro 5R

A new version of one of Cressi’s classic pieces that has seen a complete revision of aesthetics and some of the functional characteristics.
Provided with a complete, practical range of accessories it is offered at a decidedly low price, making it a favourite with a great number of divers who appreciate the unbeatable price-quality ratio.

Aquapro 5 has special “gravity” weight pockets applied to the outside of the main pockets. These can easily hold up to 3 kg of lead per pocket. Their wraparound closure allows easy storage of weights, even during dives. Opening and closing are guaranteed by large Fastex buckles.
The bellows type accessory pockets have zip fastenings.
The back panel is rigid, anatomic, light and very strong. The rear part has a non-slip element in elastomer that firmly holds the air tank, aided by a second adjustable harness to be fixed around the collar of the tank or to the taps. Inside the upper part there is a strong handle for carrying the unit and the back is fully lined with thick padding.
The chosen material is a 420 denier nylon fabric which is light yet strong, paired with a special self-draining mesh fabric and rubbery inserts with a strong grip.
The ventral strip, which is separate from the bag and is topped by a harness with double adjustment, allows the buoyancy jacket to open naturally like a concertina (Freematic system) when the quantity of air introduced is significant, thus avoiding any compression or sense of pressure on the diver’s body.

Technical characteristics
Material: 420 denier nylon and self-draining mesh fabric
2 external wraparound weight pockets
2 large accessory pockets with zip fastening
Rigid, fully padded back support panel
Ventral strap that is separate from the bag
Chest harnessing
3 relief and overpressure valves (the rear valve has the control at the front)
2 50 mm stainless steel D rings on the shoulder straps
2 50 mm engineering plastic D rings on the lower edge of the buoyancy jacket
2 snap hook rings
Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL
Buoyancy in Newtons: 60 (XXS), 75 (XS), 90 (S), 105 (M), 150 (L), 160 (XL)
Buoyancy in kg: 6.1 (XXS), 7.7 (XS), 9.2 (S), 10.7 (M), 15.3 (L), 16.3 (XL)
Weight in kg: 2.50 (XXS), 2.550 (XS), 2.650 (S), 2.850 (M), 2.900 (L), 3.000 (XL)

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