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Цена: Цена вне ЕС: 145,45 € Цена для ЕС 176,00 €
  • Cressi Comfort Plus Lady 5 mm

Cressi Comfort Plus Lady 5 mm

This wetsuit is made from extremely supple Ultraspan neoprene which offers unique and exceptional freedom of movement.
Available in versions for both men and women, it is a modular wetsuit that is made up of a one-piece, a jacket and a hood, which can all be purchased separately.

The long sleeved one-piece is available in 5 mm and 7 mm versions with back zip.
Both versions have a strong YKK zip that has Aquastop under zip lining and an adjustable sealing system on the neck.
The seals at the wrists and ankles are made with the Aquastop system which uses seals in smooth 2 mm neoprene, covered in Metallite, while on the knees and shoulders there are anti-wear inserts in Strata.

The short-sleeved jacket, in 5 mm neoprene, has a zip fastener up to the face and an incorporated hood.
To limit the entrance of water it has a smooth neoprene seal along the outline of the face.

Who it is for
Comfort is a wetsuit that is particularly recommended thanks to its extraordinary comfort that is due not only to the Ultraspan material with which it is made, but also the Aquastop seals at the wrists and ankles which make it very easy to put on and take off.
The thermal protection that it offers adapts perfectly to a wide range of temperatures as the user can not only choose between the 5 mm and 7 mm versions, depending on the temperature of the water, but can also benefit from the practical modular nature of the two versions.

Technical characteristics
- Modular wetsuit made up of a one-piece, jacket and hood, which can all be purchased separately.
- One-piece suit in 5 mm double lined neoprene.
- Pre-shaped legs
- YKK zip with under zip lining
- Anti-wear inserts in Power Tex on knees, shins and shoulders
- Wrists and ankles with the Aquastop system (seals in smooth 1.5 mm neoprene, covered in Metallite)
- 3.5 mm jacket with incorporated hood and zip up to the chin
- Hood with watertight seal around the face and neck


Доставка Без Риска
Мы покрываем 100% стоимость, если товар будет утрачен или повреждён во время транспортировки. Вам не нужно беспокоиться "что, если". Мы предоставляем только лучший сервис для наших клиентов. Все хрупкое упаковывается и отправляется в противоударной коробке, что исключает любое повреждение.

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