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SKU: SS018744000*
Цена: Цена: Цена вне ЕС: 514,12 € Цена для ЕС 622,08 €


  • Suunto D6i with USB Suunto
  • Suunto D6i with USB Suunto
  • Suunto D6i with USB Suunto
  • Suunto D6i with USB Suunto
  • Suunto D6i with USB Suunto
  • Suunto D6i with USB Suunto
  • Suunto D6i with USB Suunto

Suunto D6i with USB

Optional wireless air integration – current cylinder pressure, remaining air time
Integrated tilt-compensated 3D digital compass
Full continuous decompression algorithm
Gas-switching capability
Four dive modes: Air, Nitrox, Free, Gauge
Built-in dive planner
Detailed graphical logs and dive data on your computer using Suunto DM4 software
Comes with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass
Comfortable silicone-rubber bracelet
Available with steel bracelet, or with black or white wrist strap

Suunto D6i Story
Suunto D6i is the wristop dive computer of choice for those who take their diving seriously. Features like the tilt-compensated 3D compass and wireless air integration make it invaluable in situations where other people rely on your diving skills. It’s also easy to synch with Movescount.com, so you can log and share dive info, images, and videos with the rest of the world when you’re out of the water.

Hassle-free tank pressure monitoring
The D6i offers optional wireless air integration, so you can keep track of current cylinder pressure and remaining air time with a glance at your wrist, giving you more time to enjoy your dive.

Innovative compass technology
Navigation is easier than ever before thanks to the tilt-compensated 3D compass, which gives you full confidence in the accuracy of the bearing, regardless of the angle of your wrist.

Keep track of your diving experiences
Using DM4 software on your laptop, you can easily synch your Suunto D6i with the Movescount.com online sports diary, where you can store and share your dive data, images, and more.

Multi-mode versatility
Suunto D6i has four dive modes. The Air mode is used for diving with standard air, the Nitrox mode for one or two nitrox mixes, and the Gauge mode for use as a bottom timer. There is also a dedicated Freedive mode for breath-hold divers.

With the D6i in Nitrox mode, you can accelerate decompression by switching to a gas mix with a higher oxygen percentage. You can also preset two different gas mixes (with between 21% and 99% oxygen) and set PO2 values for each individual gas. It’s also quick and easy to switch between enabled gas mixes during your dive.

In Gauge mode, Suunto D6i works as a bottom timer, and also provides accurate profile sampling and bookmarking functions. A dive timer with a reset function displays your dive time in minutes and seconds. This is extremely useful for timing accurate bottom times and decompression stops.

If you’re serious about breath-hold diving, the new Freedive mode puts all the functionality you need at your fingertips. The D6i samples depth three times a second, and gives you highly accurate data on the true depth reached.

Plan and review
You can test upcoming dives and view no-decompression time data for different depths before getting in the water with the built-in dive planner. After your dive, you can easily transfer your dive data to your computer for further analysis using the optional Suunto DM4 software, which includes a detailed logbook featuring a graphical representation of all your dives.

As stylish on land as it is in water
As well as being a full-featured dive computer, Suunto D6i is also a stylishly designed timepiece that looks as good in the office as does on the live-aboard. Choose from a steel bracelet or black or white wrist strap.


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Отзывы пользователей

Хорошо Review by Mikhail
Хороший компьютер, имеющий в наличии все необходимые для дайвинга функции. Недостаток один: маленький экран. Подразумевалось, что с ним можно ходить как с обычными часами, но для этой цели слишком массивен. (добавлено на 13.06.2013)

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