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Underwater Kinetics

UK Aqualite Video 90°

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  • UK Aqualite Video 90°
  • UK Aqualite Video 90°
  • UK Aqualite Video 90°
  • UK Aqualite Video 90°
  • UK Aqualite Video 90°
  • UK Aqualite Video 90°
  • UK Aqualite Video 90°
  • UK Aqualite Video 90°
  • UK Aqualite Video 90°

UK Aqualite Video 90°

Bring out the incredible underwater colors and intricate detail of marine life with the Aqualite. Fish and invertebrates hiding under ledges and holes often receive little ambient sunlight and require additional lighting for their colors tocome to life. Abundant light from the 20° Aqualite makes night diving even more beautiful and during the day it allows you to spot marine life hiding in the distance. When shooting video with the 65° or 90° Aqualite lighting the foreground with daylight colored Aqualite illumination while allowing the delicate blues and greens of the open water background to fade into the depths can produce prize winning videos. A pair of Aqualites set at different brightness levels will add additional dimension and beauty to an underwater subject.

The Aqualite is available in 3 models with different beam coverage. The Aqualite (90°) has the widest uniform coverage, where as the Aqualite (65°) has a narrower beam, but more intensity. The Aqualite (20°) has the narrowest and brightest beam. Use the 90° beam with fisheye type cameras like the GoPro and the 65° beam for the housed point and shoot cameras as well as integrated U/W cameras like SeaLife. The 20° beam is perfect for use as a primary dive light day or night.

Available in 3 Configurations:
90º Lamp Head: Covers the area seen by most wide angle underwater video cameras (ex. GoPro).
65º Lamp Head: Covers the area seen by most standard underwater video cameras (ex. SeaLife).
20º Lamp Head: Perfect for use as a primary dive light while combing the reef during the day or diving at night.

Variable Power: The brightness can be stepped up from 120 to 600 lumens in 4 levels (Full, 1/2, 1/3 and 1/6) using the rear power dial and is held at a color temperature of 5000° K.
Two ¼-20 threaded screw holes (1.2 inches apart) allow the Aqualite to be adapted to most underwater photo arms.
Power is supplied by a lithium ion battery which is charged from any USB power outlet or the included wall socket adapter. An additional battery is also included so that one can be on charge while the other is out diving. (DO NOT use disposable 123 lithium cells).
Low profile design keeps your setup compact and less likely to snag on other gear.
Non-magnetic switching to prevent dive compass interference.
Corrosion resistant Hydralum™ bezel acts as a heat sink for maximum performance underwater.
The robust design throughout features double o-rings on the front and back rotary seals, anodized machined aluminum power head and rotary switch, high impact ABS anti-corrosion body and stainless steel thread attachments.
Proudly made in the USA.


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Отлично Review by Иван
Отличный 4-х режимный фонарь, специально разработан для использования при видео и фото съемках, картинка получается очень красочная. (добавлено на 21.03.2014)

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