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  • Ambush Series
  • Ambush Series
  • Ambush Series
  • Ambush Series
  • Ambush Series
  • Ambush Series
  • Ambush Series
  • Ambush Series
  • Ambush Series
  • Ambush Series
  • Ambush Series
  • Ambush Series

Ambush Series

Engineered for optimum performance for their category. Powerfull and stable long range shot with supreme precision.

Production time: 2 weeks
Material: Burma Teak
Method: 11 layers cross-ply laminated oriented in 2 axes, epoxy joints reinforced with polymer fibers
Craftmanship: Handcrafted to the last detail
Coating/Finishing: breathable, wear resistant coatings on 3 layers, equipped with UV filters. "Mat" appearance.
All Ambush models can be charged with up to: 3 rubber bands of ø16mm or 2 rubberbands of ø17.5 - 19mm
Effective shaft utilization: Range ø6.5 - 7.5mm
Shaft type: equipped with sharkfins
Optimized body mass in respect to increased structural strength, which provides excellent underwater maneuverability and stability.
Hydrodynamic design for ease of maneuvering.
Long range shot precision, with minimum recoil.
Zero deflection under max loads.
Neutral buoyant with shaft, positive buoyant without shaft. Buoyancy can be adjusted through the counterweight groove of thespeargun body.
Reverse trigger mechanism for heavy duty usage and increased length of charge.
Hydrocells for enhancing the hydroslip effect between the shaft and the groove.
Automatic, highly reliable line release system.
Ergonomic handmade handle, with anti-slip coating. Handles are handmade, bolted and replacable. In standard set-up all handles are for both hands (Universal). Upon request can be supplied for right handed.


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