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  • Arbalet D
  • Arbalet D
  • Arbalet D
  • Arbalet D
  • Arbalet D

Arbalet D

Speargun SCORPENA D is created for the most demanding underwater hunters, for those who do not need long to explain the essence of solutions and technologies. For those who are able to understand that this model is for the winners.

SCORPENA D model is equipped with an open muzzle, aluminum barrel with a polyurethane outer casing, which reduces the flow resistance during lateral movements of the guns and forms a guide for the shaft, making a silent shot, and increases the overall buoyancy of the gun.

Ergonomic handle with rubber migrated from sports models of pistols for bench shooting. But if you want, or to grip the gun with his left hand is a pad can be easily replaced with a standard handle. Gun equipped with a long stop-butt for convenience when loading.

Round-type rubber is made of a two-component latex rubber with a diameter of 18 mm. At the end on these rods is installed rope 2mm DYNEEMA. To simplify the subsequent replacement hook, rod mounted in the aluminum sleeve with holes for anchor DYNEEMA.

Includes shaft 6.5 mm of high-corrosion-resistant steel 17-4 PH with shark-fin hooks, as well as long flag (AD), facing down. This arrangement makes the shot more accurate at medium and long distances. Included mono black line with two clamps and shock absorber. Speargun is equipped with the most modern trigger with multiple safety margin.

Shotgun is available in length of 75, 95 and 105 cm.


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