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Beuchat 50W Halogen Light

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  • Beuchat 50W Halogen Light
  • Beuchat 50W Halogen Light
  • Beuchat 50W Halogen Light
  • Beuchat 50W Halogen Light

Beuchat 50W Halogen Light

External charge - Power 100% & 70%

Battery charge management exclusive to Beuchat
The battery charge management system, developed by Beuchat, increases battery life. This is based on electronic charge management which takes account of, not one, but five surveillance criteria in order to optimise charge and therefore increase battery life.
For example, when charging, if the internal temperature of the light rises above 28°C, the electronic charge management system automatically commences slow charge to avoid damaging the battery. As soon as the temperature falls below 28°C, fast charging recommences.

Battery discharge management information exclusive to Beuchat
An electronic circuit controls the battery discharge status. This is displayed by red and green indicator lights on the back of the light, which are constant or flash to display battery discharge level.

External charging
The battery charges without disassembly, which eliminates the risk of water entry after each open and closure.
The charger connects to two metal pins situated at the back of the light.

Power selector
A rotating switch situated at the back of the light enables the user to choose between full power output (100%) or 70%. The 70% option allows a longer burn time.
The control switch comprises a safety mechanism to avoid accidental use of the light.

Burn time:
On maximum output, the 50W light provides 52 minutes , which can be increased by selecting 70% output which increases burn time to 80 minutes.
Replacing the 50W halogen bulb provided, with a less powerful bulb, can increase this further.

Patented Safety valve
The safety valve is situated at the back of the light and allows gas to escape in the event of an accidental gas leak from the battery accumulators. Gas leaks are more likely to occur in the event of accidental water entry.

System to optimise the lifespan of the light
When the light is powered on, the current transmitted is limited in order to avoid a surge of light and therefore increases the lifespan of the light.

Breakdown of the main characteristics
This is a 50W halogen light which includes a NiMH rechargeable battery.
It has an aluminium body and a removable, anodised aluminium handle.
It includes a 50W bulb (3300°K - 1600 Lumens). The bulb can be replaced with a less powerful bulb for even longer burn time.
Rechargeable light with an aluminium body and a removable anodised aluminium handle.
12V - 3,5 Ah NiMH Accumulator
Charge indicator display
Safety valve
Recharges in 4 hours without disassembly
Power selector: choose between full power (100%) or 70%.
Security wrist-strap
Shoulder bag included.
Charging time: 4 hours

Burn time : At 70%: 80 minutes On full power (at 100%): 52 minutes
Dimensions : Diameter: 80mm Length: 200mm
Weight : Weight in air: 1325 grams Weight in water: 450 grams


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