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Price: Excl. VAT - Export: €273.72 Incl. Tax: €331.20
  • S 2011

S 2011

The most beloved and popular jacket of the top bracket. In this jacket, the bag has been freed up from the harness and has considerable volume and subsequent buoyancy, which make it perfectly suitable for professional use as well as for heavier uses.
The S111R is a unique product that combines the performance features of semi-back inflation with the comfort of an adjustable BCD.
A fully weight integrated BCD, the S111R incorporates a self-expanding gusseted bladder that offers increased buoyancy around the tank, allowing for proper buoyancy control while swimming. Cressi-sub’s unique C-Trim Weight System is utilized allowing for proper weight distribution along with easy weight ejection.

The choice of materials, a new Colour Lock 500 denier Cordura and 420 denier nylon, reflects the current trend to make very strong but not too heavy BCs.
The conformation of the bag has been designed to offer extremely high comfort. The shoulder straps have a 20 mm increase of distance between them and the entire front part of the BC has a lowered profile, thus giving the arms the greatest freedom of movement. The shoulder straps are also separate from the bag, and are attached not to the bag but directly to the backpack and boast the new feature of being adjustable in length, so that they adapt perfectly to the physique of people even very different from each other.
The pockets are very large and come complete with gusset opening, suited to storing bulky objects.
The C-Trim System weight pockets, are shaped from the rear of the main pocket, so they do not stick out at the sides, thus offering an excellent hydrodynamic profile.
The weights are inserted into special large, removable pockets, which can hold up to 5 kg of weight each. They now sit further to the front and are inclined so as to guarantee perfect balance and make it easier to remove the weight. There is an extensive Velcro zone to attach the specific pockets to the jacket, helped by a YKK hi-tech polymer button. Some 4 weight pockets have been shaped from the back of the jacket, closed by Fastex buckles, to stow another 4 kg of weight. So, the jacket can thus stow a total of up to 14 kg of weight, thereby catering for the needs of those divers who prefer to completely entrust their weighting to the jacket, even when they carry a lot of weight, imposed by the use of some dry suits.
The backpack is completely new, anatomic, light and very hard-wearing. The rear part incorporates an elastomer non-slip element, for perfect grip of the tank, assisted in this operation by a second adjustable strap, to be placed round the neck of the tank or on the valves. The upper inner side has a strong carry handle for the unit. The backpack and the inside of the pockets are padded with Softflex, a soft and light material that guarantees great comfort.
The waist strap is separate from the bag and is surmounted by a dual adjustment strap. It allows a natural “fold out” opening of the BC (Freematic System) when there is a large amount of air, thus preventing any compression and squeezing sensation to the diver's body at all. The waist strap is made in two separate pieces, is adjustable and also stretches, like the shoulder straps above it, to automatically absorb squeezing of the suit and the abdominal area of the body during the dive.
There are 3 dump/pressure valves: one is situated on the upper extremity of the hose, a second one on the right shoulder, controlled by a small tubed line and a third one fitted to the bottom, right rear.
The particularly plentiful accessories include two, 50 mm stainless steel rings on each shoulder, two applied to the bottom edge of the BC and two, 30 mm rings attached above the pockets.

Technical Features:
Bag with large volume of air, freed from the harnessing
Lower adjustable stretch strap
Length adjustable stretch waistband, separate from bag
Stretch waistband
Rings to tighten and loosen the waist strap during dives
Shoulder straps separate from bag and length adjustable
Backpack and inner side pockets padded with Softflex
Stretch and adjustable chest harness
3 Deflation and pressure relief valves
2 large zip-up gusset accessories pockets
2 C-Trim System weight pockets with removable bags (each one holds 5 kg)
4 rear weight pockets, with Fastex closing
Four 50-mm D-rings (angled) on the shoulders, two 50-mm D-rings on the bottom side, two 30-mm D-rings on the front (all made from satin-polished stainless steel)
Material: Colour Lock 500 denier Cordura and 420 denier nylon
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
Buoyancy in Newton: 85 (XS), 130 (S), 200 (M), 220 (L), 230 (XL)
Buoyancy in kg: 8.7 (XS), 13.3 (S), 20.4 (M), 22.4 (L), 23.5 (XL) (*)
Buoyancy in Pounds: 19.1 (XS), 29.2 (S), 45.0 (M), 49.5 (L), 51.7 (XL)
Weight in kg: 3.450 (XS), 3.550 (S), 3.850 (M), 3.950 (L), 4.000 (XL)

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