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Salvi Mar

Salvi Mar Clynema d, 1,4 mm sold by 1 meeter

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  • Salvi Mar Clynema d, 1,4 mm sold by 1 meeter

Salvi Mar Clynema d, 1,4 mm sold by 1 meeter

Clynema® is the brand new line developed by Antolas Design to satisfy the most demanding spearfishers.
The special multifibre line Clynema® is composed by a core and a sock, solidly joined by a special treatment. This structure assures the excellent endurance in the knots and to the abrasion, great handiness and very high ultimate strength.
Clynema® is an HT polymer with high molecular density, it isn’t hygroscopic at all, its specific weight is lower than water’s and is UV ray proof. These unique characteristics make it a special line that while floating doesn’t entangle in the rocks and salt water and solar ray don’t ruin its fibres.
Clynema® is pleasing to the touch, has the right stiffness level that doesn’t create wigs, hasn’t memory effect at all and its elasticity is almost zero.
Perfect as terminal line on the shaft or in your reel or as wishbone.
Colours: white base with orange fluo insert, for the best visibility in muddy waters or low visibility conditions


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