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Цена: Цена вне ЕС: 325,00 € Цена для ЕС 325,00 €

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  • Combo Inblue


Combo is extra elastic smooth/lined with the characteristic that the material for the areas from elbow to wrist and knee to ankle is also jersey/lined as well as extra elastic. There is a special part of jersey at the area of the chest with the external chest pad. The surface of the jersey is adapted in order to significantly strengthen the protection of the user at the part of the body and also the wetsuit resistance due to the continuous arming procedure.

Material : Heiwa AWS extra elastic
External surface : Open cell
Internal surface : Smooth
Elbows-knees : Jersey
Chest pad : External
Available thickness : 3,5/5/6,5mm

Please note:
* production time is around 10 days. Sometimes it can takes longer.
* you can't return custom made suit, only if it have defect.
* if you will choose "Made To Measure", after you will complete your order , we will contact you with details.

Combinations of colors for camouflage
On the outer part of the inskin, rayskin, verso, combo, inskin S and rayskin S there is the ability of application of some combinations of colors for camouflage that have come up as a result of the experience and constant trials of the people in inblue.

“Reef” camouflage: Dark brown, dark green of posidonia, a little ochre and dark (tile) red. Perfect for multifarious waters with intense configuration and colors.

“Sea weed” camouflage: Dark brown, dark green of posedonia and ochre. Perfect for sandy bottoms with rocks without significant vegetation as well as sea beds with posidonias.

“Stripes” camouflage: Dark brown, dark green of posidonia and ochre in stripes along the wetsuit, the same as the fish when they are stalking on their preys (groupers). Perfect for stalking at the sandy or poorly configurated sea beds.

“Caldera” camouflage: Dark brown, dark green, ochre, light brown. Variation, which is recommended for lime rock sea beds, as well as sea beds with many lightly colored elements.

“Split” camouflage: Dark brown, light green, nuances of red. At different proportion from “caldera”, “split” wetsuit splits the image of the diver, as they have the visual of three opposite colored areas of dark – light color. Ideal for sea beds with intense color contradictions: sand – rock, sea weed rock, brown – white, green – brown etc.

“Illusion” camouflage: Dark brown, light brown, nuances of red. It completely justifies its name, since it makes the diver “disappear” visually in depths more than 10 meters!

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