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Phantom Black 3 mm

Цена: Цена вне ЕС: 220,00 € Цена для ЕС 220,00 €

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Цена: Цена вне ЕС: 220,00 € Цена для ЕС 220,00 €

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  • Phantom Black 3 mm
  • Phantom Black 3 mm
  • Phantom Black 3 mm
  • Phantom Black 3 mm
  • Phantom Black 3 mm
  • Phantom Black 3 mm
  • Phantom Black 3 mm
  • Phantom Black 3 mm

Phantom Black 3 mm

The Phantom freediving wetsuit is made with 100% Yamamoto 39 neoprene, a special material that allows high performance in a sport. Wetsuit have hydrodynamic effect, ease to dress and resistance to tear.
Phantom wetsuit specifically designed for pure freedivers, competitions in apnea, and deep freedivers.
Phantom comes with SCS cover, which gives your wetsuits 20% higher speed of descent compared to traditional smoothskin wetsuits on the market. This feature allow you to reach greater depth with less efford.

Phantom High End freediving wetsuit features:
Odourless (inner coating does not hold bad smells)
Thermal Protection (high density neoprene provides a minimum compressional in deep and lower thermal loss)
Body Fit ( Phantom minimizes water infiltration)
Easy to dress ( Special nylon allows you to put on a wetsuit without water in only a few minutes)
Strength (Neoprene is very elastic and highly resistant in same time)
Elasticity (Neoprene is super stretch that allow you not to feel a diving suit on a body)

Technical Features:
Neoprene - 100% CR grade #39 Yamamoto Neoprene
Neoprene Cover – SCS Coating
Lining – Black Ultra Tender Lining
Thickness – 3 mm
Colour – Black & Gold
Hyper-Stretch mechanical Nylon lining

SCS (Super Composite Skin) is a very unique material which by special processing is applied as a coating / layer over the surface of independent closed cell neoprene. The micelle structure on the rubber surface repels water when in contact with air, and reduces the surface resistance when in contact water. The coefficient of surface resistance is under 1/10 of conventional smoothskin in the dry and 1/100 in the wet. This super low resistance of SCS gives marine suits many function advantages. SCS is an extremely revolutionary material which now allows the development of a new type of concept in marine suits.

Easy to Put on and Take off-Very Comfortable ! (Efficiency when SCS is used inside garment)
SCS is very smooth to the touch and putting a suit on or taking it off can be done very easily.In addition, unlike jersey, as SCS dries very quickly, uncomfortable feeling is never experienced, even when re-wearing a soaked suit.
● Anti-Bacteria : SCS doesn't allow the growth of bacteria and keeps a suit clean.
● High Stretchability : SCS optimizes body fit allowing improved ease of movement.
● High Heat Insulation : SCS provides high heat insulation due to its very low heat conduction.

Increased Speed ! (Efficiency when SCS is used outside garment)
Super low resistance of SCS in the water makes it possible to dive / swim much faster. SCS allows the needs of divers, triathletes and swimmers to be achieved, that is, "FASTER SPEED".
● Light Weight : SCS does not absorb water.
● High Stretchability : SCS provides comfort and extra freedom of movement.
● High Heat Insulation : SCS keeps the body warmer decreasing body fatigue.
● High Durability : SCS is very durable and abrasion resistant.

Hydra Wetsuits Size Chart
Size Weight (Kg) Height (Cm)
XS 50-59 150-165
S 56-67 161-174
M 65-74 165-178
MT 65-74 178-189+
ML 75-82 170-180




76-82 174-186
LT 76-82 186-192+
XL 82-91 176-192
XXL 86-93 179-198


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