About Eurodiveshop Company

About Us
The launch of the company is dedicated to the end of the 2006. However the breakthrough and active sales boost started in the year 2008. The essential target of our company is to become the best online retail.

All our work is focused on granting the best service for our clients. We want client not only like our production, but enjoy the level of service which we render. We employ only the best people in the company, assuring the best service provided at every stage of our collaboration with a customer: starting from visiting the page, registration, tracking of a purchase and delivery.

Our Team
There are 10 people working in the company at present. You will not find our managers wearing proper suits in the office as they only limit them. But you always will meet the affable and inspired persons, and also set of new ideas flying in the air. We are mobile and obstinate enough in our task achievement. Our aim is to make you happy. We can do it!

Here are those principles we follow in our work and to which we aspire:
We are not the largest and the most known companies, but we are the best in our sphere of business
We trust that attention and accuracy are the basis of a well done job
We value peoples’ personality
We offer the most innovative products and service
We believe in great ideas. They can be anywhere, even "to be groundless", we simply collect them and we help them “to alive”
We can be unusual, but act professionally
We trust in a fast-moving and successful company

Career opportunities
At present we are a self-sufficient team, therefore we do not look for employees. However, if you would like to work with us, we will gladly listen to your ideas. We are always happy to receive your job application as we know that desirable can be sometimes right behind a corner. Please send your CV and the cover letter at cv@eurodiveshop.com.

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