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Beuchat Marlin Carbone Elite

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Price: Price: Excl. VAT - Export: €230.49 Incl. Tax: €278.89
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  • Beuchat Marlin Carbone Elite Beuchat
  • Beuchat Marlin Carbone Elite Beuchat
  • Beuchat Marlin Carbone Elite Beuchat

Beuchat Marlin Carbone Elite

Suited for Blue water fishing – For experienced spearfishers

• Handle Marlin
• Open head with automatic locking mechanism (Patent). Placing of the spear. Free and easy aiming.
• Precision and shooting distance superior to guns on the market (Power / Effort ratio) :

The new Marlin is the result of 60 years of Beuchat company experience in the field of spearguns. For more than a year it has been tested by Pedro Carbonell, triple World Champion, who has not stopped boasting of the product. Its performance in terms of precision, comfort of use, and shooting distance is out of the ordinary. The Marlin can be equipped with an optional second sling and with the new Beuchat ultra light reel.

• Fast and compact head with a system for automatically locking the spear on the head (Beuchat International Patent).
- Quick and easy to automatically put the spear in place using “Clips”.
- Total lack of noise upon submersion.
- Very precise shooting accuracy.
- Completely free and easy aiming.

• Totally new handle for improved aim and increased comfort of use.
- New 30° grip angle.
- New trigger mechanism profile
- New Gun Butt form

• Carbon tube in the shape of an “evolving ovoid”, space between the handle and head can be reduced from 38mm to 28mm.
- Optimisation of tightness (the margin of tightness is less than 1mm at the centre of the 1150mm shaft at 50Kg).
- Optimisation of buoyancy.
- Optimisation of movement in water.

• The Carbon tube is equipped with an integrated spear guide open towards the handle to facilitate grasping of the spear.
• Ultra-supple trigger (0.6Kg for 50Kg load)
• Maximum resistance of the mechanism is 290Kg (some 6 times more than the average recommended load).
• The water-tightness of the tube up to 40m is ensured by ultra-light PU foam.
• Adjustable locking (under the head) in accordance with different spear diameters.
• Locking system for the head, interchangeable with the classic or decked models sold as options.
• The latex band allows for the line to be effortlessly put in place.
• The maximum load on the 2nd catch is deliberately limited to 50Kg on the standard model.
• The Marlin speargun is totally ambidextrous (Handle, Loose line, Positioning of the line on the head, etc.).
• The loose lateral line of the handle can be positioned on the right or left side and the head is equipped with two lateral hooks.
• Handle and head of nylon Polycarbonate resin.
• Trigger mechanism, loose line, and positioning system of the spear on the head made of Stainless Steel.
• Basic equipment: 6.5 Rockwell Triface spear, Tahiti stainless steel Obus, and ultra-supple 18.3mm fast slings.


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