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Beuchat Masterlift Comfort

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  • Beuchat Masterlift Comfort Beuchat

Beuchat Masterlift Comfort

Masterlift Comfort with high-end finishing, last generations features and an excellent comfort. The Masterlift Comfort integrates the new ergonomic high flow Beuchat inflator as well as the new releasable dump weight-pocket system. The ergonomics of the already famous X-Air Jacket were the basis to reach this high level of Comfort, hence the choice of its name.

• Front adjustable 840 denier bladder.
• New anatomic high flow inflator system and compact dump valve.
• New upper (2) and lower (1) compact purge/over-pressure relieve valves
• 2 Quick-release dump weight-pockets (2 x 5 Kg).
• 2 Back fixed dump weight-pockets (2 x 2,5 Kg).
• Easy diver-adjustable back-pack.
• Easy removable back-pack padding made of fast draining and drying material (waffle-cloth).
• Shoulder straps with collar protection; "Comfort Collar".
• Adjustable chest strap.
• Adjustable 40 mm abdominal strap with grip.
• 2 expandable pockets with zip and fast draining system.
• A sandow with clasp (both interchangeable in the right or left pocket).
• Quick doffing and donning bottle fixation belt
• A knife rest.
• Light reflecting bordering to optimize diver security under low visibility conditions
• 6 Stainless steel D-rings and 2 plastic D-rings to attach all types of accessories.
• 2 Plastic rings in the pockets.


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