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The Black & Gold spearfishing gloves is made with 100% Yamamoto 39 neoprene, a special material that allows high performance in a sport. Ease to dress and resistance to tear.

Indulge in the ultimate spearfishing experience with our Black & Gold Spearfishing Gloves. Meticulously crafted to offer uncompromising performance, these gloves are designed with the spirit of adventure and relentless pursuit of underwater success in mind.

Made with 100% Yamamoto 39 neoprene, these gloves promise a perfect blend of flexibility and durability. They grant you the ability to maneuver efficiently underwater, while also withstanding the harsh conditions and wear and tear of spearfishing.

You can slide them on seamlessly thanks to their comfortable quick-fit design, while the robust material ensures they are resistant to tears and snags caused by intense underwater activities.

Our spearfishing gloves not only protect and perform but also provide various added benefits that enhance your experience:

  • They maintain freshness as the inner coating does not hold onto bad smells.
  • Don't fret about the cold waters; the high-density neoprene provides excellent thermal protection, ensuring lower heat loss and comfortable prolonged usage.
  • Experience unmatched strength, elasticity, and stretchability thanks to the neoprene composition.

Furthermore, our gloves carry advanced technical features that set them apart:

  • They are composed of 100% CR grade #39 Yamamoto Neoprene.
  • A super stretch nylon layer inside enhances comfort and ease of wear.
  • The gloves feature PU honeycomb dots on the sole for enhanced grip.
  • They boast a moderate thickness of 1.5-3mm, ensuring dexterity and protection.
  • With a premium Black & Gold colourway, you take on the waters in style.
  • The gloves bear a hyper-stretch mechanical nylon lining for perfect fitting and elongated durability.

In a nutshell, our Black & Gold Spearfishing Gloves are your go-to tackle for successful and comfortable spearfishing endeavors. Choose them for an immersive, secure, and stylish underwater experience.

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