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REDFOX fins feature the new 300 2.0 Easy Fit footpockets and blades made in T700 PERFORMANCE carbon fibre material. They are especially sturdy and they are ideal for spearfishing.

REDFOX feature an essential design which is the result of years of study and research in applied biomechanics. REDFOX are ideal for the most demanding spearos with regards to performance, efficiency and speed.

The concave terminal of the REDFOX gives an immediate elastic response to movement. For this reason, the REDFOX gives preference to quick restarts, compatibly with the needs of the spearfishing action.

The 300 2.0 easy fit foot pocket, available in 9 different sizes, prevent dispersion of energy greatly reducing the space between the shoe and foot. Efficiency is therefore maximised.

300 2.0 Easy Fit foot pockets feature a very low mass therefore maximising the performance by minimising the effort of the diver.

The new footpockets 300 2.0 Easy Fit, an evolution of C4 300 footpockets, are extremely light, resistant to wear and preformed at an angle of 3°. Thanks to the new fit, named “Easy Fit”, and to the new anatomical shape, named “Best”, they are very comfortable and easy to wear. They are featured in 9 sizes and, from size 40 to size 44, they are available in each single size.

REDFOX are made in 100% carbon fiber T700 PERFORMANCE and they are inserted in the foot pocket all the way to the heel for an excellent transmission of energy.

Thanks to more than thirty years of studies and worldwide records, we have been able to develop the DPC (Double Parabolic Curve) design featured by the REDFOX. This design has now been enhanced thanks to a special lamination of the layers of carbon, specifically dimensioned and positioned.

The D.P.C curve optimises the bending of the blades and the quantity of water processed pairing with the Elastic-K10 water rails optimising the strength produced by the muscles and articulations.

The level of energy is optimised allowing for greater speed and therefore safety when diving. The less tired we are the safer we can dive: this is the condition of passive safety to be pursued at all times.

REDFOX feature blades that are specifically symmetrical therefore increasing mechanical and dynamic efficiency. This solution reduces energy dispersion and torque forces which are typical of asymmetric geometries.

A reduced mechanical load also increases the duration of the composite fibers.

REDFOX are made in 100% carbon T700 PERFORMANCE. The T700 PERFORMANCE fiber is 40% more resistant than other standard fibers and it features a high level of resistance and excellent elasticity.

The new weave design of the T700 PERFORMANCE with big squares pattern, greatly reduces the number of intersections of the weaving that cause viscose friction in the fabric itself. Because the fibres are less.

This special weave, with a reduced number of intersections, makes the blades more flexible and efficient thanks to a reduced absorption of energy.

The blades of REDFOX are connected to the foot pocket thanks to a mechanical insert that is blocked by two special screws that cannot go easily unscrewed, providing a safe and efficient connection.

For easy transportation, REDFOX can be disassembled, so as to reduce their volume and any chance of damage.

REDFOX blades are 873 mm long and 195 mm wide. The angle of the blades is 29° + 3° of the preformed footpocket for a total inclination of 32°.

The REDFOX’s are available in nine sizes: 36/37 – 38/39 – 40/41 – 41/42 – 42/43 – 43/44 – 44/45 – 46/47 – 48/49.

The blades are available in tree levels of hardness: 25 ( soft ) – 30 ( medium ) and 40 ( hard).

REDFOX fins are delivered with the practical Basic fin bag.

The 300 2.0 easy fit foot pocket is available in 9 different sizes and for each size in 5 different colors: black, white, blue, brown and silver.

The 400 foot pocket is available in 5 different sizes and for each size in 2 different colors: black and white.

All C4 blades models are compatible with both the 300 2.0 easy fit foot pocket and with the 400 foot pocket in all sizes and colors.


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