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Suunto HelO2

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Suunto HelO2

Suunto HelO2 is an advanced mixed-gas dive computer for divers who use multiple gases such as trimix, nitrox, and oxygen to go deeper for longer. Featuring the Suunto Technical RGBM algorithm and a Multi-gas Dive Planner, the device is designed to make your whole technical diving experience simpler, faster, and more flexible.

Suunto HelO2 Story
Rated to 120 m/393 ft and with full mixed-gas capability, Suunto HelO2 incorporates the Suunto Technical RGBM algorithm. The algorithm extends decompression flexibility into the world of technical diving by allowing continuous decompression.

The algorithm introduces helium tissue groups into the decompression model to enable trimix diving, as well as diving on air and nitrox. It allows you to program eight gases as primary or secondary gases, and enables an oxygen content of 8-100%, and a helium content of 0-92%. In addition to increasing decompression flexibility, the algorithm also reduces your decompression task load by removing the need to constantly monitor a slate and watch.

Of course, before you can descend to 100 m or start exploring a cave system, you have to carefully plan your dive. The Suunto Multi-gas Dive Planner - part of the updated Suunto Dive Manager PC software - is designed to simplify the planning of dive profiles, gases, and back-up plans. The easy-to-use graphical planner allows you to try variations of depth, time, gases, and partial pressures without having to continually recalculate. The planner calculates all changes instantly and presents the results on an easy-to-read graph.

When ready, you can simply transfer information relating to planned gases, and other dive-critical data, from the PC to your dive computer with the included USB cable - removing the need to copy all the calculations onto a slate. The dive planner also gives you gas mixing instructions for your planned dive, which you can print out and take to a dive shop if you're not mixing yourself.

The Suunto Multi-gas Dive Planner enables you to plan dive series based on your actual dive profiles - not planned dive profiles - making the plans for later dives in the series more accurate. The planner also allows you to compare the planned dive and the actual dive by supporting the analysis of up to eight gases. This also helps you pinpoint elements of both your planning and diving that may need some fine-tuning.

So when you're ready to take your diving to the next level, plan your dive with the Suunto Multi-gas Dive Planner then dive your plan with Suunto HelO2.

Suunto HelO2 Features
Advanced features:
8 gas switching
Suunto technical RGBM algorithm (including helium tissues)
Deep stops
Matrix display
Dive profile displayed graphically on the screen
Seamless collaboration with dive planner
Expanded personal adjustment

Other main features:
2 operating modes (Mixed gas, Gauge)
Complete decompression data
Suunto tech. Deep stop RGBM
42h logbook and profile memory
Lifetime history memory
Profile memory bookmark
Wireless tank pressure
300 bar compatible
Multi step ascent rate indicator
Altitude adjustment 0-3000m (0-10000ft)
Automatic safety stop countdown
Extended decompression range (ceiling, floor)
Calendar clock
Electroluminescent illumination (back light)
User-replaceable battery
Depth display range 0-150m (0-450ft)
Audible alarms
Max. depth alarm
Display shield
User-selectable metric or imperial units


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