Ultimate Blue Yamamoto SCS

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This Ultimate wetsuit, specially designed for high performance in sporting activities, provides not only hydrodynamic effects but is also easy to put on and resistant to tearing. Crafted in the European Union.

Welcome to the ultimate wetsuit, designed for ultimate sporting performance. Crafted meticulously from an incredibly special material, this wetsuit boasts multiple features that will elevate your water sport experience to new heights!

This wetsuit is designed to have an exemplary hydrodynamic effect, minimizing water resistance and allowing for efficient, fast movement in the water. The material also has a high resistance to tearing, ensuring a long lifespan and superior durability.

Key Features:

  • Easy to Dress: It's perfectly designed to be easily put on and taken off.

  • Odourless: The inner coating of this wetsuit doesn't retain unpleasant smells, keeping your wetsuit fresh

  • Thermal Protection: The high density neoprene provides excellent thermal protection, minimizing thermal loss when in deep water.

  • Body Fit: The suit fits perfectly, minimizing water infiltration and allowing for freedom of movement.

  • Strength: The Neoprene material is highly resistant and durable.

All our wetsuits are proudly made in the European Union, ensuring supreme quality and excellent craftmanship.

Technical Features:

  • SCS Yamamoto 39 Outside: A groundbreaking material that creates a super low surface resistance for improved speed.

  • Lycra Inside: A stretchy and durable material for extra comfort and longevity.

  • High Waist Pants: Designed to ensure a snug fit and further minimize water infiltration.

What is SCS?

SCS (Super Composite Skin) is an advanced material that’s fast revolutionizing marine suits. By applying a special coating or layer to the surface of neoprene, SCS creates a super low resistance effect. Whether it’s on land or in water, SCS ensures maximum performance. It’s remarkably smooth to the touch, making our suits easy to put on and take off. Furthermore, SCS prevents bacterial growth, keeping your suit clean.

When paired with the outside of the wetsuit, SCS also increases speed, making it a favourite for divers, triathletes, and swimmers. It doesn't absorb water, is highly stretchable, provides high heat insulation, and has superior durability.

Experience comfort, speed, and warmth in a whole new way with our Ultimate Wetsuit. Order today!

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Thickness 1.5 mm, 3 mm
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