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Ultimate Black & Gold Yamamoto

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Get the most out of your water sport with the Ultimate Black & Gold Yamamoto wetsuit! This special wetsuit is made from highly resistant neoprene with an SCS Yamamoto 39 outer layer, Lycra inner layer, and high waist pants for a snug fit. It offers thermal protection, odourless inner coating, hydrodynamic effect, and ease to dress. Order now and get it in 2-4 weeks, made in the European Union!


The Ultimate Black & Gold Yamamoto wetsuit is the epitome of high-performance gear for your favorite water sports. This incredible wetsuit is made from a special material that offers unparalleled benefits, allowing you to excel in your chosen sport. Designed with a hydrodynamic effect, ease of dress, and resistance to tear, this wetsuit is a must-have for any serious athlete.

One of the key benefits of the Ultimate wetsuit is its odorless inner coating, which doesn't hold bad smells. This means you can stay fresh and comfortable throughout your training sessions or competitions. Additionally, the high-density neoprene used in this wetsuit provides excellent thermal protection by minimizing compressional effects in deep waters and lowering thermal loss, keeping you warm even in colder conditions.

The body fit of this wetsuit is designed to minimize water infiltration, ensuring that you can move with agility and ease through the water. The neoprene material used in the Ultimate wetsuit is highly resistant, offering exceptional strength and durability. You can rely on this wetsuit to withstand the challenges of intense workouts or demanding competitions.

Technical features of the Ultimate wetsuit include the use of SCS Yamamoto 39 outside and Lycra inside. But what exactly is SCS? SCS, or Super Composite Skin, is a revolutionary material that is applied as a coating or layer over the surface of the neoprene. With its unique micelle structure, SCS repels water when in contact with air and reduces surface resistance when in contact with water. This super low resistance offers numerous advantages for marine suits, making them highly efficient.

When SCS is used inside the garment, the wetsuit becomes incredibly easy to put on and take off, providing maximum comfort. Unlike traditional jersey materials, SCS dries quickly, eliminating any uncomfortable feelings even when re-wearing a soaked suit. Additionally, SCS prevents the growth of bacteria, keeping the suit clean and hygienic. Thanks to its high stretchability and low heat conduction, SCS also optimizes body fit and provides excellent heat insulation.

Furthermore, when SCS is used outside the garment, it offers increased speed due to its super low resistance in the water. This makes the Ultimate wetsuit ideal for divers, triathletes, and swimmers who are looking to achieve faster speeds. The light weight and high stretchability of SCS ensure that you can move freely and comfortably, while its heat insulation keeps your body warm, reducing fatigue. The durability and abrasion resistance of SCS make it suitable for prolonged use and tough conditions.

The Ultimate Black & Gold Yamamoto wetsuit is available in two thickness options - 1.5mm and 3mm. It is specifically designed for women, ensuring a perfect fit and ultimate performance. The wetsuit is proudly made in the European Union, guaranteeing superior quality and craftsmanship.

Don't miss the chance to experience the ultimate in water sports gear. Get your Ultimate Black & Gold Yamamoto wetsuit today and take your performance to new heights. Please note that production time may vary depending on the season, so be sure to contact us for the most up-to-date information.


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Thickness 1.5 mm, 3 mm
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