Ultimate Black & Gold Yamamoto Woman Wetsuit

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Get the most out of your water sport with the Ultimate Black & Gold Yamamoto wetsuit! This special wetsuit is made from highly resistant neoprene with an SCS Yamamoto 39 outer layer, Lycra inner layer, and high waist pants for a snug fit. It offers thermal protection, odourless inner coating, hydrodynamic effect, and ease to dress. Order now and get it in 2-4 weeks, made in the European Union!

Discover the ultimate game-changer in the world of watersports - The Ultimate Wetsuit. This marvel is engineered from a distinctive material, unlocking unprecedented performance in aquatic sports. It boasts an exceptional hydrodynamic effect, the simplicity of dressing, and high resistance to tears. Seize the moment with this superior suit that enhances your agility while keeping you warm and protected.

The characteristics and benefits of this cutting-edge wetsuit include:

  • Odourless: The inner coating repels unpleasant odours, keeping you fresh even during extended periods of use.
  • Thermal Protection: Made with high-density neoprene, the wetsuit maintains warmth in the deep and minimizes heat loss for longer, intensive sessions in the water.
  • Body Fit: The design replicates the body shape, ensuring minimal water infiltration.
  • Strength: Neoprene’s inherent durability keeps the suit resilient over time.
Technical Features:

Outside: SCS Yamamoto 39
Inside: Lycra
Design: High waist pants.

What is SCS?

Super Composite Skin (SCS) is a distinct material used as a layer over closed-cell neoprene. The singular micelle structure on the rubber surface decreases resistance, enabling superb functionality. SCS is redefining how marine suits are perceived and used, offering a range of unique benefits.

Some of these benefits include:
  • Efficient Usage: SCS is smooth, making it easy to dress or undress. It dries fast, providing comfort even when worn repeatedly.
  • Anti-Bacteria: Inhibits bacterial growth, ensuring the suit stays clean.
  • High Stretchability: optimizes body fit and increases flexibility.
  • High Heat Insulation: Offers superior heat retention to reduce fatigue.
  • Increased Speed: Less water resistance allows for faster dives and swims.
  • Light Weight: SCS does not absorb water, keeping you buoyant.
  • High Durability: Resistant to effects of prolonged use and abrasion.

The Ultimate Wetsuit not only promises outstanding performance but also is comfortable and durable. Its design and features make it the superior choice for aquatic enthusiasts seeking both ease and efficiency.

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